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CenterSoft™ was originally developed under contract with the International Council of Shopping Centers to address the needs of Managers of Retail, Office and Industrial Properties. Based in Southern California, we offer a robust suite of business solutions at an affordable price, allowing you to stay competitive in the current economy and still maintain your bottom line.

Our History

Founded in 1979 as a consulting firm specializing in the design and development of computer software for the commercial property management and development professions. In 1982, CenterSoft Corp. was selected by the International Council of Shopping Centers as the sole company to design, develop, market, and support a new computer software product for the members of ICSC which would revolutionize the property management profession by providing a tool to help manage leases and enforce the required accounting disciplines as stipulated by many accounting firms. The product, known as CenterSoft, set the stage for one of the most dynamic evolutions in any vertical market. Two of the characteristics of CenterSoft Corp. which set it apart from all of our competitors are its determination to constantly stay in touch with the world market as it relates to property management and to adapt CenterSoft to the ever changing methods of lease negotiations, tenant/landlord relations, and accounting methods.

The CenterSoft Team

The staff at CenterSoft is comprised of experienced professionals in the fields of property management, real estate development, accounting, and computer science who share the common goal to provide the best products, the best service, and the best support to the vertical market of property management and development.

Michael T. McKean

As one of the founders of CenterSoft and President, Mr. McKean was deeply involved in the computer hardware and software development professions since 1966. He attended Ohio State University and has worked for many different firms including AMF, Inc., a major manufacturer of bowling equipment and sporting goods, Allergen Pharmaceuticals, a major supplier of eye care and skin care products, Telonic Engineering, a significant aerospace development firm during the Mercury space program, and Yamaha Motor corporation, a worldwide manufacturing, sales, and distribution company for motorized vehicles. Mr. McKean held management positions in each of these organizations. Mr. McKean has two children and married Dolores Ribarich in 1998. He enjoyed reading, designing software, snow skiing (when time permitted), and traveling. Michael T. McKean passed away in 2013.

Dolores A. Ribarich McKean

Dolores A. Ribarich McKean

Dolores McKean is now the current president of CenterSoft Corp. Her career started in 1965 with an interest in accounting and computers. She worked for a large drug wholesale distributor in Minneapolis, Minnesota for approximately 10 years before relocating to sunny southern California. After relocating to California, Dolores pursued her career in the computer industry, and went to work as a Support Training Specialist at National Computer Sales and RWB Associated in Irvine, California. She attended USC Irvine where she continued her accounting education. Dolores joined CenterSoft as an employee in 1980. In 1984 she became one of the owners. Her experience with client/user relationships allowed CenterSoft to establish a user support team far superior to its competitors. Dolores married Michael T. McKean in 1998 in Palm Desert, California where she currently lives. As the President, Dolores's focus for the company is to provide clients efficient and affordable user-friendly business software solutions. Aside from running her business she has an interest in many other things; she takes part in many charity fundraisers, and she loves to walk, swim, read, see movies, and spend quality time with her babies Taylor and Megan.

Additional Company Executives

Megan McKean

Megan McKean, 7 years old

Taylor McKean

Taylor McKean, 6 years old

CenterSoft is also guided by a strong Business Board of Directors and Legal Consultants

Alexander Ward

MAlexander Ward

Alex is our CTO/Lead Architect, with 42 years of experience and has worked at CenterSoft since 2017. He has been he's reading science fiction, or watching the markets. His hobbies revolve around his expensive passions for horses, motorcycles, and fast cars.

Aaron Pinaaling

Aaron Pinaaling

Aaron Pinaaling lives and works from the Philippines. With 9 years of experience and graduated with honors, he is our senior developer and Team Leader. Outside of work he enjoys reading, exploring new ideas, and having fun with family and friends.

Jake Remulta

Jake D. Remulta

Jake Remulta lives and works from the Philippines. With 8 years of experience, he is a senior developer. While specializing in web development, including a stint teaching web development, he also excels in SQL and server design and development .

Melmart Ibanez

Melmart Ibanez

Melmart Ibanez lives and works from the Philippines. With 5 years of experience, he is a software developer focusing on both web development and desktop applications. When he isn’t assisting in the creation of our many software solutions, he enjoys writing, going to the movies, and playing sports.

Ed Madigan

Ed Madigan

When not riding a motorcycle or winning marathons, Ed manages and supervises our technical support department. He joined our company in 2004 with immense experience in accounting and financial administrative duties. Ed's career encompasses several diverse companies in the Los Angeles and Coachella Valley areas. His expertise assists clients daily.

Martha Gutierrez

Martha Gutierrez

Martha Gutierrez is our Administrator Assistant, Webinar Specialist and part time Customer Support Assistant. She has worked at CenterSoft since 2011 and was born and raised in the valley. Aside from her everyday duties at work she enjoys music, shopping and caring after her two daughters and husband.

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