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In CenterSoft our mission and goal is the satisfaction and goodwill of our clients along with providing them with remarkable products and outstanding customer service. Our business practices, decisions and policies are based on a shared system of values and beliefs. We are guided by these principles in our interactions with each other, with our clients and with our community.


CenterSoft 4

Our main property management solution, CenterSoft, includes all the accounting and management tools a modern business requires. Following is a list of features available in CenterSoft:

Property Management

  • Scan checks from tenants
  • Unlimited recurring charges per tenant
  • Custom charges
  • Automated rent increases, including CPI adjustments
  • Automatically calculated late fees
  • CAM charges and reconciliations statements with supporting documents
  • Tenant refund security deposits (Security deposit, pre-paid, CAM credits and unapplied cash)
  • Cash receipts
  • Scan payment from tenant/other sources
  • Automated billings
  • Automated computed percentage rent billings
  • Interactive web Tenant Portal to review statements


  • Multiple recurring journals per property
  • Manual entry on a one time journal entry
  • Allows you to run a dual set of books (cash and accrual)
  • Ability to Open or Close any Accounting Period
  • No month-end or year-end closing required
  • Automated distribution of profit or loss at year-end
  • Easy-to-design custom financial statement formats
  • Actual to budget comparative statements
  • Custom financial statements
Bank Accounts Management


  • Multiple recurring payments per vendor
  • Scan invoice to transaction
  • Change banks when cutting check
  • Could view image of check and scanned invoice
  • Print ALL system-created checks for all companies simultaneously
  • Multiple recurring payments to employee
  • Manual entry of employee
  • Employee W2 forms
  • Ability to scan any document pertaining to Company, Property, Owners, Units, Tenants, Employees and vendors.
  • Scan Invoices after transaction has been made
  • Scan leases
  • Easy access to all documents


  • Events notification
  • Ability to share events with other users
  • Personalized calender for each user
  • Customize calendar to show the following
    • Lease expiration
    • Lease insurance
    • Lease Options
    • Move outs
    • Rent increase
    • And more
  • Add quick links to your calendar

Consolidated Financial Reporting

CenterSoft 4

This specific area of CenterSoft is designed to provide owners of more than one entity with financial information as it relates to all of the properties which this individual or company owns. Some of the significant characteristics of this feature are the ease of setup, the ease of use and the flexibility in reporting output The setup involves defining which entities are subsidiaries and which entities are parents. Once this is established, the next step is to assign subsidiary general ledger accounts to parent general ledger accounts. That’s all there is to the setup. Ease of use can come in several flavors but, with CenterSoft, it can’t be any easier. One checkbox determines if a report will or will not be consolidated. Even better is the fact that one entity can be defined as a parent of one or more subsidiaries and still be a normal entity. There is no requirement to setup a “Dummy” entity to accommodate the reporting process.

CenterSoft 4

The printed reports come in two varieties… Standard and Custom. Standard Reports consist of many different general titles such as trail balance, balance sheet, income statement, owner’s statement of net worth, statement of revenues, statement of expenditures, revenue reports, expense report and retained earnings statement. Each of these reports contains up to 10 different styles. Some are based on current period, some on current period and year to date, some are year to date only, some are budget based and some are 12-month spreads. Custom Designed Reports utilize the very powerful custom formatting process within CenterSoft, the same process that is used for your normal custom financial statements. You don’t need to learn anything new or complicated. The titles and styles of report are the same as the standard report as described above.


  • Memorized reports
  • Memorized Grouping reports (Report package)
  • Flexible date range; reports can be run for one day up to several years.
  • Export reports easily to Word, Excel or PDF
  • E-mailing of any report
  • Able to run report for one or multiple Prop./Comp. and tenants at the same time
  • Capability to drill down on reports to see every detail behind a transaction and include an image of the check and scanned invoice.


  • Bank Reconciliations
  • Reopen Bank Reconciliations
  • Transfers between bank accounts
  • Payment from other sources
  • Withdrawals


RePair and Maintenance

Our Repair and Maintenance module will allow you to keep track of equipment, manufacturer, module numbers, serial numbers, warranties and recurring scheduled maintenance, along with details of what needs to be done and when.

  • Create Work Orders
  • Keeps record of all inventory/equipment
  • Ability to upload unlimited documents and images to each work order from any mobile device
  • Intensive reporting depending your needs
  • Able to generate and invoice
  • Bill back tenants
  • Calendar to schedule maintenance and work orders
  • Complete work order and keep history of all work orders
  • Keep track of all warranties, service contract and manufactures
  • Interactive web Tenant/Vendor Portal to request and view work orders


Developers Project Management

Our Developers Project Management module is a function area where all job cost related activity is recorded and reported. Developer’s project management is configured to run as an integrated part of accounts payables. DPM reporting is very comprehensive. Most reports are analytical in nature.

  • Simple and straightforward job cost code structure comprised of 3 levels and based on a hierarchy of importance: project phases, project categories, and project cost codes
  • Reporting, budgets, and billing
  • Capturing of historical transactions
  • Job cost transactions

Leasing Agent

Leasing Agent

CenterSoft™ Leasing Agent gives you the power & flexibility of a custom contact manager with direct access to existing CenterSoft™ data, including Properties, Tenants and Leases. Time is your greatest asset, and CenterSoft™ Leasing Agent helps you automate scheduling to save time and money as well as maximize potential return from prospective clients.

Other Add-ons

CenterSoft™ is capable of interfacing with many other software modules to assist you in managing your data across applications. The following modules are directly supported by CenterSoft™:

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